Exterior Painting

Exterior painting on a house or building can be very time consuming, physically exhausting, and quite dangerous if heights are involved, so if you aren’t up to it you might consider hiring a Painting Contractor to do the job. A Painting Contractor can have his/her painters do the job in days versus what might take you a month with all your spare time. A Painting Contractor will have all the necessary tools and materials to get it done correctly as well.

Our exterior paint and caulking services protect your home from water intrusion; the professional result helps your home’s siding and insulation to work effectively in sun, wind, rain, sleet, and snow.

Due to Massachusetts long, wet winters, there is a very limited window to properly paint home exteriors in the summer months. If you are planning on painting your home this year, it is best to reserve your place on our schedule as early as possible in the spring. If you are calling us during the summer, we will provide our best estimate as to when we can schedule your job.

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